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In our days is essential for Sports’ Stakeholders to consult a Sport Lawyer for its everyday transaction, since the sport level in the world has been upgraded during the years and this is mean that the commercialisation and dissemination of sports has been developed as well. Therefore, the sport world deals with huge transactions every day and this mean that they have to be legally protected in the context sport. 

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Our Top Tier Dispute Resolution practice is the largest and most experienced department of the firm.

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Septemlaw giving of a professional or formal opinion regarding the substance or procedure of the law in relation to a particular factual situation.

Transfer Negotiations and Agreements

Professional athletes, coaches and sportsmen careers are short – lived.

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Tax advice (Sports) to professional athletes and/or Clubs through our professional associates

Sports’ Lawyer constitutes an essential part for every Stakeholder in Sports

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The rapid commercialisation and dissemination of sports among citizens and in particular, professional sports’ stakeholders require the involvement of expert Sports’ Lawyers in disputes arise between the parties, namely between athletes or between clubs.

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