Dispute Resolution

When disputes are inevitably moved from the sports fields to the courtrooms it is vital for athletes and clubs to have the best possible representation for such unforeseeable events. The continuous commercial development of the sports industry consequently made disputes in sports sector more prevalent, whereas on many occasions involve many different areas of law from several jurisdictions. Consequently, for a successful dispute resolution, everyone concerned needs sound advice from a firm that understands the sports industry.

Our firm has substantial experience, successfully resolving complex and high – value sports disputes.  With a longstanding involvement on cases both in domestic and international sports tribunals, our team established themselves as experience sports law litigators representing international professional athletes, Clubs and other Sports’ Stakeholders in front of the CAS Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS/CAS), FIFA Judicial Bodies and/or National Judicial Bodies in cases such as:

  • Claiming unpaid salaries / bonuses / other allowances on behalf of the professional athletes.
  • Claiming legal compensation for termination of agreements without just cause.
  • Claiming unpaid transfer fees / training compensation fees / solidarity contribution fees as provided by the FIFA Regulations and/or the National Regulations and laws.
  • Defending on Disciplinary procedures against Clubs and/or professional athletes.

Represents professional athletes, Clubs and Associations for any dispute before:

  • Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS/CAS)
  • FIFA Player’s Status Committee and Dispute Resolution Chamber
  • FIFA Disciplinary Committee
  • FIFA Ethics Committee
  • UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body
  • Ad hoc arbitration tribunals
  • Judicial Bodies of Cyprus Football Association
  • Judicial Bodies of Hellenic Football Association

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