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The continuous global development of the sports industry in a more business – commercial way, raised, on many occasions, unexpected challenges for professional athletes. Realising the potential impact that legal issues might have, not only on professional athletes’ careers but also on Clubs and sport’s governing bodies, it is vital to be resolved as quickly and painless as possible. Therefore, for the best possible outcome it is important for all stakeholders to have access to specialist sports law advice.

Our firm shares the same passion for sport with our clients with the objective to provide them with the best possible legal advice for their next move. Our team’s expertise on advising high value professional athletes and clubs through years, guarantees cutting edge legal advice on very high-profile matters. Other than offering specific legal expertise, our sports lawyers have genuine in-depth knowledge of the sports industry. This is what makes us suitable to realise the sensitive nature of sports related cases and to understand the importance of maintaining the good reputation of our client’s career.

Legal Advice:

  • General legal advice in any sports-related matter
  • Drafting of contracts in the field of labour law, transfer of players, image rights, agents’ activity, sponsoring and marketing
  • Drafting of expert opinions in relation to sports matters including contractual disputes between professional athletes and Clubs, Disciplinary Procedure.
  • Drafting of statutes and regulations for federations and advising on good governance matters
  • Legal assistance in doping-related matters including the representation of athletes before the anti-doping bodies of national and international sports federations and the Court of Arbitration for Sport
  • Consulting services for Clubs in relation to their daily sports matters.

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